Name 名古屋モロッコ料理モガドール~Mogador~MoroccoRestaurant
Address 愛知県 名古屋市中区橘1-11-4 (1-11-4 Tachibana,Naka-Ku,Nagoya-city,Japan)
Nearest Station 名古屋地下鉄 上前津駅 NagoyaSubwayKamimaezu-st
Route 名古屋地下鉄 上前津駅6番出口南へ徒歩5分
5 minutes on foot from Nagoya KamimaezuStation Exit 6
Phone Number 070-5257-7791
Business Hours 11:30 ~ 22:30
Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:00
Dinner 17:00~22:30
LastOrder 22:00
Regular Holiday 木曜日 Thursday ランチは、土・日・祝日営業
Non Credit Card 利用不可
All-seat Non Smoking 喫煙席なし
Non Parking 駐車場なし
Average budget Lunch:1,000~1,200円
Budget -
Service 無料WIFI有り
Others FreeWIFI
Number of seats テーブル2人掛け×5席、カウンター6席、
Table seat 10 seats
(Seats for 10 people can be set
Reservation required)
Counter seats 6 seats
Business Hours 土・日・祝11:30-14:00/17:00-22:30
Event 毎月2回(時々変更あり)
Belly dance shows are held twice a month

Halal We are Moroccan Restaurant.
(Morocco Restaurant)
Moroccan chef serving Moroccan mom's food.
You can eat authentic Moroccan food while in Japan.
This is a Halal restaurant
Muslim people can also eat with peace of mind
هذا هو مطعم الحلال
يمكن للمسلمين أيضا تناول الطعام بأمان
الشيف هو مسلم
أنا مغربية.